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October 15, 2021
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October 17, 2021

If you are interested, you can read the full legal text of the agreement here. But you probably won`t, so let`s move on. However, temporary free movement of natural persons is not uncommon in trade agreements and also occurs in other free trade agreements that Singapore has signed with Australia and New Zealand, for example. None of them give foreign skilled workers an unlimited right of entry. Higher rates mean customers have to pay more for the goods. The reduction and repeal of tariffs by the ECSC will save Singaporeans money on imports from India covered by the agreement. A 10-member India-Singapore Joint Task Force has been set up to review the scope and structure of the agreement. The ECSC is one of 24 free trade agreements (FTA) that Singapore has concluded with many countries. There will be 25 free trade agreements as soon as the free trade agreement between the European Union and Singapore enters into force on 21 November.

According to Chapter 9 of the Agreement, Singaporeans and Indians are granted entry into India and Singapore for different periods – between two months and three years – depending on which of the four categories of visitors mentioned above they belong. However, people who come here (and go there from Singapore) still need to apply for and receive a valid visa. A press release issued at the time said the agreement would “further strengthen bilateral relations by catalyzing already growing flows of trade, investment, ideas and people.” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh signed ceca in 2005. Senior Singaporean officials have made it clear on several occasions that this is Singapore`s financial services market access or professional services, anything agreed “will be subject to local Singaporean regulations”. LIANHE ZAOBAO FILE PHOTO After signing ceCA, some of the Singapore-based Indian IT companies attempted to exploit the “intra-company divested” flaw to get more Indian IT staff to work here. They hired them in India and then “transferred” them to their subsidiaries in Singapore to work without having to hire Singaporeans. While the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) issued a statement saying Singaporeans are “naturally concerned” about competition from foreign professionals and executives (SMEs) due to the current economic situation and gloomy employment. However, it is `misleading` to assert that the number of Indian RCTs, in particular intra-company transfers, goes exclusively or largely to the ECSC. MTI also refuted that “none of our free trade agreements, including ceca, require us to automatically grant employment passports to every foreigner.” In addition, “all foreigners applying for a job card must meet our applicable criteria, and all companies must comply with the rules of fair hiring.” Despite the government`s clarification on the matter, Internet citizens remain skeptical of the free trade agreement between Singapore and India. [13] Last week`s cuts to Resorts World Sentosa – and the reports marina Bay Sands is likely to follow – have added grist to that mill.