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October 8, 2021
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October 9, 2021

Please check the list of Student Affiliation Agreements currently available before launching an agreement to determine if an agreement already exists. Our goal is to eliminate the unnecessary time and resources currently spent on negotiating (and renegotiating) agreements, if a standard and predictable approach is sufficient. The AAMC Uniform Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement is a simple and unique agreement that can be found on the AAMC website. At its June 2014 meeting, the Liaison Committee for Medical Education approved the AAMC Uniform Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement, which meets its accreditation standards. The support limits a multi-year public relations process to reduce the need to negotiate and renegotiate agreements for short-term and supervised training experiences, which pose a relatively low risk to all parties involved. The more the institutions use the uniform agreement, the more time everyone saves. Add the name of your institution to our registry even today by sending an e-mail to The Student Affiliation Agreement is used to place students in a clinical or other training program in the field. If the terms of the model agreement change, please inform this office, as contractual changes require the approval of the federal prosecutor. Crosswalk between the AAMC UCTA Agreement and LCME Accreditation Standards (Academic Years 2019-2020 & 2020-2021) (PDF) Note: Links to external pages will open in a new window. The AAMC developed the uniform agreement after a year-old outreach process that included: AAMC Uniform Clinical Training Affiliation Agreement – LCME Endorsed – Standards Affirmed 2019 (PDF) An important part of the third and fourth year of medical school is the opportunity to learn in a clinical environment. . .