Jersey Double Taxation Agreements
September 24, 2021
Lease Agreement Business Term
September 25, 2021

Current students who have completed the housing application process but have not chosen a task during any of the above processes and students who need to live on campus but have not completed the application process are assigned by the Housing Office. Automatic allocations are usually completed at the beginning of April. Students receive an email notification when tasks have been completed. If you are unable to log in to the myKU portal, send an email request to All roommate upgrades are done at My College Roomie. Students received their registration information for My College Roomie via email. The usernames are the same as the students` ku username (without the part), and the passwords are clear for each person. Step 1: Closing the housing application and payment of the processing fee* Step 2: Complete, in case of interest, the application to search for accommodation with a special interest Incoming students who must live on campus but have not participated in a housing selection procedure are assigned by the Housing Office. Automatic allocations are usually completed before July 1st. A task is accomplished for all students who did not participate in the selection of places. Students can view their task on their MyKUHousing account. Each housing agreement extends over the duration of one academic year. Following an application for the upcoming academic year, students have until June 30 to cancel their application.

Students who have the right to cancel their accommodation and who cancel after the expiry of the June 30 deadline are subject to the cancellation fee for accommodation. The options for selecting lounges of particular interest for the period 2020-2021 are as follows: during lobby closing hours, all residents must follow the written check-out procedures provided by the lobby staff. People who do not leave in accordance with these guidelines will receive a formal violation of housing. Please note that we encourage all students to form groups of five or six students. Our suites and apartments for two and four people are always the most appreciated in the selection of rooms. As room selection times are determined by the number of closed credits in the group, we recommend that our first year children have a plan in case they cannot choose accommodation for a group of 4 people. Students who wish or can participate in one of our special accommodation selections should complete the accommodation process in steps 1 to 3, just like all other students…