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September 23, 2021
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September 24, 2021

The European Commission welcomed the agreement as a decisive step towards the implementation of EU rules on one of the last cross-border points in Europe, where, until now, historical transit regimes adapted to a single company prevailed. It is also the first step to enable other market players – for the supply of the North or the South – along and outside the important Transbalkan gas corridor linking Greece, Turkey, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Ukraine. Gas transmission system operators in Bulgaria and Greece have signed an interconnection agreement allowing market participants to transport gas, including from liquefied natural gas sources, between the two countries for the first time from 1 July 2016. However, when the pipeline reservation contract expired, the network operators decided to bring the trade rules into line with EU rules. For the attention of customers of gas storage services. How to track online the free capacity of Ukrainian SKU facilities In order to facilitate cross-border gas flows and ensure free and non-discriminatory access to gas transmission infrastructure, the national gas transmission company TRANSGAZ, Romania, and the natural gas transmission system operator of Ukraine – UKRTRANSGAZ have concluded an interconnection agreement for the “Isaccea” link point at the Ukrano-Romanian border near Orlovka (on the territory of Ukraine) and near Isaccea (on the territory of Romania). This interconnection agreement concerns the transit pipeline 1 used for the transport of gas from Ukraine to Bulgaria (IP Negru Vodă 1) to the territory of Romania. The level of storage of Ukrainian gas exceeds last year the peak sergiy Oleksienko left the position of the CEO of Ukrtransgaz JSC The algorithm for mapping the performance of underground gas storage facilities has been modified The interconnection agreement fully reflects the requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/703 of 30 April 2015 establishing a network code for interoperability and data rules. System operators plan to make available to network users fixed and intercomputable transmission capacity from Ukraine to Bulgaria, as well as flammable return capacity (backhaul). In addition to meeting the general gas quality standards set out in the Distribution Tariff, parties wishing to produce RNG for supply in the distribution network (“RNG Operator”) must meet additional quality standards for renewable natural gas for items of concern (“COC”) contained in a Renewable Natural Gas Interconnection Agreement (RNG-IA). In October, the filling level of the Ukrainian SKU reached 28.3 billion.m ³, which will be a stabilizing factor in the heating season From the beginning of August 2020, more than 22 billion.m³ of gas will be stored in Ukrainian SKUs. Including 5.2 billion.m³ owned by foreigners, the seller must provide buyers with a copy and any modification of this natural gas agreement upon execution. .

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