Family Auto Loan Agreement
September 20, 2021
Framework Agreement Picture
September 20, 2021

I have commercial property in the father`s name (father expired 10 years ago and leaves a will that is not registered). I am an NGO that lives in the United States. In 2006, I bought an apartment in Kerala. I paid the full amount and therefore I have no loans to repay. This apartment is in a company and every month I pay the property tax and maintenance fees. Unfortunately, I can`t find the original deed of sale. I don`t have a family in Kerala that takes care of the legs. What do you think about hiring a lawyer to get the deed of sale? Do you know the seriousness and how much would it cost? Can we search for Index II or Online Document and how do I search for Index II or Online Document? Dear Eshita, All legal heirs who are entitled to this property (according to Cert estate) can obtain the property in their mutated name. You must send a copy of the death certificate, the deed of succession, property taxes (if any), a copy of the deed of sale, etc., to the local Civil Office (municipality / Panchayat / Corporation).

My aunt has been out for the last four months. She is not married and has no children. Previously, she worked as a teacher, retired in 2002 and invested her entire pension in the purchase of two homes. All the data physically available in the 1985 SR offices are available online for the urban and suburban districts of Mumbai Cher Reema, your agent can say mainly about the registration of the “contract of sale” and not the deed of sale…