Tolling Agreement Parties
April 13, 2021
United States Panama Trade Promotion Agreement Certificate Of Origin Form
April 14, 2021

18. Prior to entry into force, Tsawwassen First Nation and British Columbia may negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement to allow Tsawwassen First Nation to participate meaningfully in the identification, conservation, interpretation, administration and protection of heritage sites that, b. are binding only on the parties to the agreement. 48. In the case of crabs, when an arbitrator determines the basic right to harvest crabs under clause 40, the contracting parties will use this right to the basic harvest as a shrimp harvest level until the parties reach an agreement on the allocation of seawater in accordance with Clause 46 or until a tsawwassen allocation is set in accordance with Clause 49. 34. Any right of access to Tsawwassen First Nation or a member of Tsawwassen under this agreement is subject to an agreement relating to the Roberts Bank port facility that was concluded from time to time between Tsawwassen First Nation and the Vancouver Port Authority or a successor or operator of the Roberts Bank port facility. b. to do everything in its power to appoint negotiators who have sufficient powers to reach an agreement or who are willing to have access to it; and 15. Tsawwassen First Nation may reach an agreement with the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority to improve transit provision at Tsawwassen Lands. 48. If a higher court in a province, the Federal Court of Canada or the Supreme Court of Canada finally finds that all Aboriginal people, along with non-Tsawwassen First Nation, have rights under Section 35 of the Constitution Act of 1982, which are affected by a provision of that agreement: 4.

From time to time. , at the request of Tsawwassen First Nation, Canada and British Columbia may, jointly or separately, an agreement with Tsawwassen Firstssen an agreement on 91 to negotiate and try. At the request of a party, the parties will negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement on the provision and management by a federal and provincial institution of health services and programs for people residing in the Tsawwassen countries. (a) Step 1: formal and unsured efforts to reach agreement between the parties or between the parties in joint negotiations in accordance with Appendix P-1; 24. Tsawwassen First Nation will reach an agreement with the Greater Vancouver Water District on the construction and cost of capital for connecting infrastructure to the water source of the Greater Vancouver Water District for the provision of water services to Tsawwassen First Nation. 38. A contracting party cannot initiate legal proceedings for disagreement if the disagreement is considered to be directly involved in a disagreement in this chapter and in Appendix P when another party acting reasonably sends a written notification to the first party requiring it to participate in a disagreement-settlement procedure described in this chapter. 10. Where a proposed development in point 1.h of the soil management chapter is a federal project or a provincial project subject to administrative procedures in point 12 of this chapter, the parties strive to reach agreement on harmonizing their respective procedures.

8. For greater security, if the parties agree, in the original budgetary funding agreement, that Canada will provide time-limited federal funds to all first nation responsibilities defined in this agreement and that Canada properly provides time-limited federal funding, Canada is not required to negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement on the provision of additional financial resources for one of the responsibilities.