Service Level Agreement Template Ireland
April 12, 2021
Smsd Negotiated Agreement
April 12, 2021

PARTENARIAT 2.1. GitLab and partners define the partnerships described in the recommendations and exhibitions of resellers attached to them, or additional parts that can be made between the parties. The rights and obligations of the contracting parties are subject to the attachments. This agreement and applicable exposure apply to each instance of the partnership between GitLab and the partner, excluding other non-applicable exposures. In the event of a conflict between this agreement and the applicable exposure, the conditions of the applicable exhibition have control over the partnership formed by this exhibition. Unless expressly stated in an exhibition, this agreement and all exhibits describe a non-exclusive relationship, and nothing in this agreement or exhibition is intended to prevent any of the parties from dealing with a party or distributing products or services in any way to third parties. Subject to the explicit terms and conditions of this Agreement and applicable exposure, each party is free to communicate and deal with potential customers or customers at any time and in any way. 2.2. Under this contract, the partner may not purchase, use or make GitLab products available for internal purposes (“Internal Use”).

In the event that the partner wishes to purchase, use or use GitLab products for internal use, the parties enter into an order form and this internal use is subject to either (i) GitLab conditions or (if applicable) a final agreement between the parties that specifically envisages internal use by the partners. 2.3. Partners and GitLab recognize and accept that GitLab may be limited in functions, functions, maintenance, support and contains other restrictions that are not included in the purchased GitLab software. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the provisions of this Agreement on GitLab software do not apply to GitLab`s free software with respect to: (i) royalties (as specified in point 3), (ii) guarantees (as shown in point 9.1), (iii) compensation (as shown in Section 10). GitLab Free Software is made available to “AS IS” without any guarantee or guarantee of any kind, otherwise GitLab Free Software will be subject to all other terms of this Agreement. LIMITATION 6.1. The partner will conduct all its activities on its own behalf, in the area agreed between the contracting parties and in accordance with the highest commercial standards. The partner will not and will not allow others to enter into agreements, promises, alliances, insurance, guarantees or guarantees regarding GitLab products or services.