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April 12, 2021
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(2) The Indian Act Sechelt Band ceases to exist and all its rights, titles, interests, assets, commitments and commitments, including the rights of its band council, vest in the “Sechelt Indian Band” under the subsection (1). 45 (1) Members of the Indian Act Sechelt Band, just prior to the enactment of this Act, are members of the Sechelt Indian Band immediately after the Act came into force. (3) All rights and interests of the Indian Act Sechelt Band regarding the countries covered by paragraph 1 cease to exist as soon as this section comes into force. 33 The Minister may, with the agreement of the Governor of the Council, enter into an agreement with the group under which the Canadian government would provide the group with grants over that period and under the terms of the agreement. The creation of a new band constitution, which notably gave the SIB the power to add members of the group by voting a “yes” vote to at least 75 per cent of the members. The Sechelt Indian Band (SIB) was the first group in Canada to achieve autonomy in 1986 and to break free from the Indian Act. (b) the Constitution has the support of a majority of the voters of the Indian Act Sechelt the Sechelt Indian Band; and 44 (1) The Indian Act Sechelt Band Council, which is in office immediately prior to The entry into force of Section 5, is considered a council and is elected in accordance with the group`s Constitution. CONSIDERING that, in a referendum of March 15, 1986, members of the Indian Act Sechelt Band approved the agreement: the district is a legal entity and has the ability to confer rights, powers and privileges on an individual and can enter into contracts or agreements without restricting the universality of the above; acquire and hold property or any ushtable share and sell or sell these assets or shares; spend or invest money Borrow money take legal action or be sued And to do other things that promote the exercise of their rights, their powers and their privileges. 23 (1) The title on all lands that were immediately prior to the entry into force of this section reserves, under Indian law, the Indian Act Sechelt Band, which, subject to Section 24 rights, interests and conditions, is transferred to the group free of charge.

(3) All provisions of the Indian Act concerning the election of group councils and the qualification of persons acting as chief or councillor are applicable to the Band Council of the Indian Act Sechelt until a new council has been elected in accordance with the group`s Constitution. Marginal Note:Indian Act Sechelt band ceases to exist – Make SIB a corporation with rights and powers, enter into contracts or agreements, acquire, hold, sell or sell property and waste money, invest or borrow 32 (1) Fund that Her Majesty holds in Canadian law for the use and usefulness of the Indian Act Sechelt Band , are transferred to the band. As part of the agreement, the members of the SIB Council also form the SIGD Council. The agreement also established the Sechelt Indian Government District (SIGD), which is responsible for all Sechelt countries. 42 The statutes of the Indian Act Sechelt Band, which are in effect immediately prior to the enactment of this Act, remain in effect in the Sechelt domains which, at that time, are in effect under the Indian Act of the Indian Act Sechelt Band and with respect to members of the group, as long as the statutes are consistent with this Act. , the formation of the group or a law of the group. Under the Indian Act, the SIB did not have ownership of the country it occupied and members were notified of how the group could operate by the federal government.