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April 10, 2021
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April 10, 2021

Students with dual degrees have access to courses and enjoy the same rights and privileges and, with the exception of the dual-training specific requirements provided for in this agreement – are subject to the same rules and rules as regular graduates of the corresponding master`s degree from the host university. In addition to compulsory courses in both higher education institutions, as stipulated in the agreement, the dual graduate student is required to write a master`s thesis. The master`s work is worth 20 ECTS to the GHS. The master`s work combined with a symposium is worth 30 ECTS at the JGU. The partner institutions provide the legal and organisational conditions for graduate students to begin the master`s thesis. 1st year at the JGU: the award of at least 60 ECTS points in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, 1. Candidates for dual education are selected by their home school according to the selection criteria defined and jointly agreed by the SGH and the JGU. Due to the increase in workload compared to the usual master`s degrees at partner universities, only highly qualified students are selected for dual studies. Each higher education institution has the right to take in up to 5 students per year in dual studies (balanced every three years), unless this number is variable by a reciprocal and written link with this agreement. Differences in the structure of the study covered by the agreement are approved, on a case-by-case basis, by partner institutions by partner institutions.

All of the above ERASMUS documents can be sent to as a copy/scan. Please always keep the original document for your documents. 2nd year at the GHS: granting at least 42 ECTS for education management programs or 45 ECTS for finance and accounting programs, is in accordance with the provisions in force in this agreement and the conclusion of the master`s thesis (25 ECTS) and the symposium (5 ECTS) at the JGU or the master`s degree of the GHS (20 ECTS) plus the internship (3 ECTS can only be credited to the GHS for all students of higher education) In a spirit of productive international relations and academic cooperation, The Warsaw Business School (`SGH`) and the Gutenberg School of Management and Economics, Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (`JGU`) want to further strengthen their ties , in accordance with their mutual interests in the implementation of programs of academic excellence and cultural diversity.