Contoh Termination Agreement
April 9, 2021
Deferred Prosecution Agreement Bilfinger
April 9, 2021

1. MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBILITY – To join the Credit Union, you must meet the affiliation requirements, including the acquisition and maintenance of the minimum required percentages (hereafter the membership quota) and/or the payment of a contribution in accordance with the statutes of the Credit Union. You allow us to check your account, credit and employment history and obtain reports from third parties, including credit bureaus, to verify the eligibility of the accounts, products and services you request, as well as other accounts, products or services that we offer or qualify for. 2. INDIVIDUAL COMPTES – An individual account is an account held by a member who has qualified to become a member of the credit union. If the account holder is dying, interest is transferred to the estate of the account holder or beneficiary of the account payable (POD) or the beneficiary of the trust subject to applicable law, subject to other provisions of this Agreement that govern our protection for the execution of requests for transfer and termination of an owner or enforcement assistant prior to the announcement of the death of an owner, any right of guarantee or guarantee granted by the account holder. 3. JOINT ACCOUNTS – A joint account is an account of two or more people. one. The rights of survivors. Unless otherwise stated on the account card or documented by the Credit Union`s online application and authentication process, a common account contains the reversion rights.

This means that when an owner dies, all the money in the account goes to the surviving (s) survivor (s). For a joint account without the right of reversion, the deceased owner`s interest is transferred to his estate. The interests of a surviving owner are subject to the union`s legal guarantee of the deceased owner`s obligations and any security or pawn interest granted by a deceased owner, even if a surviving owner has not given his consent. B. Checking common accounts. Each owner is authorized to act for other owners and may order us to conduct transactions and other account issues. Each owner guarantees the signature or requirement authenticated by other owners. Any owner can withdraw or transfer funds, insure us shares or part of the units or stop paying property without the consent of the other owner. We do not have an obligation to inform owners of a transaction. We reserve the right to seek written consent from all owners for any change or termination of an account. If we receive written notice of a dispute between owners or inconsistent instructions from them, we may block or terminate the account and seek a court injunction or written permission from all owners to act.c.

Responsibility of the owner of the joint account. If an item deposited in a joint account is returned unpaid, a joint account is debited or we do not receive a final payment for a transaction, the owners, jointly responsible, are liable for each of the returned items, the overdraft or unpaid amount and all related fees and fees, regardless of those who initiated or profited from the transaction. If an account holder is liable to us, we can assert our rights on any account of the indebted owner, including all funds in the joint account, regardless of which one contributed. 4. POD/TRUST ACCOUNT DESIGNATIONS – An account payable on Death (POD) or account account is an instruction to the Credit Union that a person or joint account is thus called upon to pay to the owner during his, her, or their life and, if the last account holder dies, is payable to all surviving beneficiaries of POD or trust/beneficiary. Unless national legislation provides for different assets or as we allow and document, beneficiaries/payers will share the funds equally, without the right of reversion, if there is more than one surviving beneficiary/beneficiary.