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December 22, 2020
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April 7, 2021

On the fourth day of the ceasefire, fragile peace dissipated when fighting broke out in several southern governorates. On 16 May, despite the ceasefire, at least three civilians were killed in Aden and 12 in Taiz. [18] Agence France-Presse reported that “dozens” were killed by clashes in southern Yemen, including 26 Houthi fighters and 12 pro-Hadi fighters. [19] On 27 September 2020, the United Nations announced that Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and the Saudi-led military coalition had agreed to exchange about 1,081 prisoners and prisoners as part of the conflict as part of a release plan reached in early 2020. The agreement declared the release of 681 rebels with 400 Hadi government forces, including 15 Saudis and four Sudanese. The agreement was reached after a week-long meeting in Glion, Switzerland, co-chaired by the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths. The prisoner-swap deal was done by the UN during 2018 peace talks in Sweden and both parties were agreed on several measures including the cease-fire in the strategic port city of Hodeida. As part of the 2018 peace talks in Sweden, a prisoner exchange has been concluded. However, the implementation of the plan clashed with military offensives from Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition, which aggravated the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, leaving millions suffering medical and food supply shortages. [26] Nizar Haitham, a spokesman for the separatist Southern Transitional Council, a militia group backed by the United Arab Emirates, said the separatists would abandon their dreams of autonomy over South Yemen to follow Riyadh`s agreement. Forces heading towards Aden, Abyan and Shabwa, the site of deadly clashes between government forces and the STC, are expected to return to their original positions as part of the agreement. Yemen`s southern separatists on Sunday broke a peace deal with the country`s internationally recognized government and claimed all control of the regional capital of Aden, threatening to resume fighting between the two vorgebin allies.

The agreement provides for the formation of a new technocratic government, with no more than 24 ministers. So far, peace efforts have been largely fragmented and fragile, and Yemen could be on the brink of another conflict that would further demement the prospects for peace.