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December 20, 2020
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December 20, 2020

The union argues that the new agreement proposed by Viterras would mean a “significant erosion” of the 38-hour week of workers and would allow members to work up to 15 hours a day and 7 days a week. After the employees refused three votes for the company`s draft agreement and did not settle the dispute as part of the conciliation procedure, the company requested that the operating contract be terminated and that it return to its company supplement. Commissioner Hampton stated that the agreement should not be terminated until August 17 to allow for a transition period, as Viterra has not made any commitments or conditions. Do you need advice on your new agreement or a problem in your workplace? Cereals giant Viterra successfully terminated its union contract after nearly three years of failed negotiations, reduced generous severance pay and cut workers` wages by up to 24%. The new collective agreements have been signed by business and union officials and are under the Collective Agreement tab in the above navigation bar or here: Ops/Maintenance Collective Agreement [November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2022] This collective agreement reflects the acceptance of the employer`s final offer, voted in April 2019 and accepted by GSU Local 1 members. “We will continue to work with employees, the AWU and the Fair Work Commission to negotiate a new agreement before this termination date,” she said. However, the union did not attend the hearing because it spoke of a “total lack of confidence” in the Contract Act, which is “an example of a broken system.” A spokeswoman for Viterra said the company had formally met with the union eleven times and held two conferences at the Commission with 16 versions of a new agreement. The preparation and printing of agreements is underway in the specifications for distribution to members. “The rules need to be changed, which is, of course, a matter for Parliament. The AWU will work towards a fairer system rather than unfairly devoting members` resources to the end-of-contract system. Grain merchant Viterra successfully denounced a union agreement that he said limited the shipments to Port Lincoln. Oliver Bunic AWU`s subsidiary rejected the company`s “unserious” claim as it would reduce normal wages by up to 24 percent. This week`s ruling by the Fair Work Commission, which brings about 50 workers back to the company`s price, is the most recent example of employers using the “nuclear” option during negotiations and is one of the few cases where an employer has not promised to collect existing workers` wages.

The Commission heard that there were differences of opinion among workers on the return to price, with some preferring shortened hours. A central part of the dispute is the elimination of conditions described as “unnecessary and obsolete” by the company, which restrict hourly work between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on weekdays and require the reporting of overtime or lengthening of the position. “We are working to achieve AAs that balance the needs of staff with the unique characteristics of the grain supply chain, including production volatility, and provide operational flexibility to meet the diverse daily, weekly and annual needs of our customers.” The company bonus reduces compensation for a basic classification from $1,397 per week to $785, but it also reduces the hours required and reduces vacation costs, overtime and allowances that were previously wrapped in higher wages. EUROPEAN Commissioner Peter Hampton said the termination of the EA was in the public interest because “there is irrefutable evidence” that EA is responsible for the company`s productivity and competitive position and that “changes are significant given the business environment.” With your permission, we are your lawyer in case of litigation, questions, interpretation of the contract and other problems with your employer.