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December 18, 2020
Tokyo Convention Agreement
December 18, 2020

(d) a member of the textile and clothing products that that member has exported to another member for processing and later re-importing, in accordance with the importing legislation and practice and subject to satisfactory control and certification procedures, when these products are imported from a Member State for which this type of trade represents a significant share of all its textile and clothing exports. , is favored by a member. This agreement and all the restrictions are denounced on the first day of the 121st month of the 121st month of the WTO agreement, which fully integrates the textile and clothing sector into the 1994 GATT. There is no renewal of this agreement. 3. For the duration of this agreement, members will submit notifications to the TMB, within 60 days of its entry into force, which will be communicated to all other WTO bodies regarding any further restrictions or changes to existing restrictions on textile and clothing products, in accordance with a 1994 GATT provision. 9. Details of the agreed restraint measure are communicated to the TMB within 60 days of the conclusion of the agreement. The TMB determines whether the agreement is justified under this section. The TMB is made available to the TMB of factual data provided to the President of the TMB in accordance with paragraph 7, as well as any other relevant information provided by the members concerned. The TMB may make recommendations that it deems appropriate for the members concerned. 2.

Members agreed to use the provisions of Article 2, paragraph 18, and Article 6, paragraph b, paragraph 6, point b), so that small suppliers have tangible access opportunities and to develop economically important business opportunities for new entrants to the textile and clothing sector. (1) 5. In order to facilitate the integration of the textile and clothing sector into the 1994 GATT, members should enable continuous and autonomous industrial adaptation and increased competition in their markets. 3. If the 12-month period to be notified under paragraph 1 does not coincide with the 12-month period prior to the entry into force of the WTO agreement, the members concerned should agree on provisions to bring the time limit of the restrictions into line with the contractual year (2) and to define the notional principles of those restrictions in order to implement the provisions of this article.