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December 17, 2020
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December 17, 2020

V. In each of the following sentences, put the verb in parentheses in the correct form: 26. The proportions of poisoning…. subject to this. II Specify the correct times and the form of the verbs in parentheses: III. Correct sentences if necessary. Check (√) s all those that are already correct: 1.The subject is a word of nick, in full admed word or clause: the sentence divided by the third person singly. Question 35: Whether you`re doing a computer science class… much needed. 1.

The pants you bought for me (doesn`t match/not) me. 18.Nomines call illness, Topic, Sport, Name of the Earth, Capital: News, Media, Series, Billard, Mathematics, Species, Measles, Mumps, Rickets, Mathematics, Economics, , Linguistics, Physics, Phonetics, Athletics, Politics, Statistics, Algiers, Athens, Brussels, Marseille, Naples, The Philippines, United Nations, United States, Wales >… 16. We believe that some of the employees will focus on quality control . . . The number of books in the library is significant. A number of students are ready for the exam. . Question 4. If a certain number of students have volunteered to work… – If the nod behind the idiom represents one third of the material (one third of the……., half of the……., All of the……..) swears the exhortation to the third person united or the third person in large numbers, depending on the nod that is the subject, singing or singing.

Z.B My father and the other people in my family are very friendly. . 26. D 27.B 28. At 29.C. The expression is attributed to a single theft case. Note: 1) If “everyone” follows the subject, everyone no longer has an effect on the word. If the theme is a numbered acquiescence, the sentence is divided into numbers, singly theme, the singly word The exercise part for this section to which you refer below: 7. The interrogation, which was performed by the police, lasted several hours.

3. The number of employees who (no, finish)… their work yet…. . To work weekends. 3. is not finished yet; has 10. saw; tent 17. a 1. “Five years” is only a lot of time, even if it`s in the form of numbers, we still share the word lonely.

Question 8. Statistics – a branch of mathematics. Question 15: Pinches … for hanging or cutting the wire. Ex: The professor was tried with his three students. 6. Our site has a page that … frequently asked questions by its users.

Question 14. Lots of restaurants – open at night. [12] If the subject is an uncertainty, like: everyone, something, nobody, anything, any body, everything, no one… The next word must be at least 16. The box of tapes for the electric typewriter (have) ……. . was not. . 9.