It Maintenance Agreement
December 11, 2020
Key Components Of Master Service Agreement
December 11, 2020

2. The requirement for notification of a group can be met either by a single joint application or by any member of the group who submits an individual application. If group members choose their own registrations, each request should identify all members of the group, but information about other people submitting the submission should only reflect information that the notifying entity knows or needs to know the reason. (iii) This person immediately informed any other person (or group within the meaning of section 13 (d) (d) of the law on whose behalf he or she holds securities greater than 5 per cent of the class, on behalf of that other person, of any acquisition or transaction on behalf of that other person that could be declared by that person pursuant to Section 13 (d) of the Law. This paragraph only requires that the account holder be informed of information that the applicant reasonably needs to know and that would inform the account holder of an obligation that he may be required to file to make a statement under section 13 (d) of the Act or amend that law. (1) Notwithstanding paragraphs b) and c), this section and S. 240.13d-2 point b) is a person who, in a statement in Diagram 13G (p. 240.13d-102) referred to in paragraph b) or c) of this section, has declared or is required to declare the acquisition but has not yet submitted the timetable. , is immediately submitted to No.

240.13d-1 (a) and 240.13d-2 (a) and issues a Schedule 13D declaration within 10 days. 240.13d-101) if and will remain subject to these requirements as long as the person: (ii) any person on whose behalf the statement is filed, is responsible for the timely presentation of that statement and any changes to it, as well as the completeness and accuracy of the information it contains about that person; this person is not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of the information about other people making the bid, unless that person knows or has reason to believe that the information is inaccurate; and Palopo Holding Limited reached an agreement in September 2019 with 36Kr Heros Holding Limited, in which the parties agreed to rule on issues requiring joint action on all shares held by the parties and whether the parties are unable to reach unanimous consensus on issues requiring concerted action. a decision of Palopo Holding Limited is considered a unanimous decision of the parties and binds the parties. Palopo Holding Limited entered into an agreement with China Prosperity Capital Alpha Limited in September 2019, in which the parties agreed to vote on matters requiring concerted action, with respect to all shares of Palopo Holding Limited and 15,184,000 Class A common shares held by China Prosperity Capital Alpha Limited, and whether the parties are unable to reach unanimous consensus on matters requiring a concert. a decision of Palopo Holding Limited is considered a unanimous decision of the parties and binds the parties. 2. From the date the person acquired or holds the securities, with the purpose or effect of altering or influencing the control of the issuer, or in connection with or as a participant in a transaction with this effect or effect, until the end of the tenth day from the date of the 13D calendar (p. 240.13d-101) in accordance with this section , this person cannot: iii) This statement identifies all these persons, contains the necessary information about each of these persons, indicates that this statement is filed on behalf of all these persons and contains, as the object of the exhibition, his written consent for such a statement to be filed on behalf of each of them.